Meet the Toronto leaders vying to be 

Visionaries of the Year 2023!

Visionaries 2023 - Ni Kalman

Nicol Kalman

Visionaries - Ruku Sandhu

Ruku Sandhu

Robin Whalen 1.png

Robin Whalen

Visionaries 2023 - Owen Payne - Candidate - Headshot

Owen Payne

Visionaries 2023 - Jessie Jones - Candidate - Headshot

Jessie Jones

Dean Iwai - Headshot - Visionaries of the Year

Dean Iwai

Angelo Suntres - Candidate Headshot

Angelo Suntres

Key Dates

Campaign Kickoff

March 23, 2023 - 9am

Midpoint Meetup

April 27, 2023

Grand Finale

June 1, 2023 - 6pm

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Toronto Leadership Committee

We are a group of volunteers destined to make a difference for the blood cancer community. Over the past couple of months we have been working behind the scenes to nominate and recognize the amazing group of candidates we have for the 2023 Visionaries of the Year!

Visionaries of the Year Toronto Contacts

Caroline Nevin
Fund Development Lead
Megan Enns
Fund Development Lead
Shari Leavitt - Leadership - Headshot

Shari Leavitt

Aaron Bains - Leadership - Headshot

Aaron Bains

Roger Brown - Leadership - Headshot

Roger Brown

Randy Leavitt - Leadership - Headshot

Randy Leavitt

Jen Kazmaier - Leadership - Headshot

Jen Kazmaier