Thank you, and congratulations to all the fierce candidates who participated in this intense 10-week fundraising challenge. This challenge was no easy feat, and we are so grateful for all the effort the candidates put into fundraising for the blood cancer community. With our visionaries help, we were able to raise $1,604,891 in 10 weeks! 

2024 Visionaries of the Year Winner Jennifer King
Congratulations to Jennifer King for raising an incredible $388,520 during this year’s campaign! Congratulations and thank you for your efforts. The blood cancer community thanks you! 

To understand how the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada utilizes the funds raised from the Visionaries of the Year campaign, click here. 

What Is Visionaries of the Year? 

A visionary is someone with a strong vision of the future. One who can see the light at the end of a darkened path. A visionary sees a brighter tomorrow not only for themselves but for the world. This year the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada has reached out to the visionaries in our blood cancer community and their allies to take our fundraising efforts to the next level.   

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada’s Visionaries of the Year is an exciting 10-week fundraising competition between philanthropic leaders in communities across Canada. Funds raised help propel critical research, provide services, and advance advocacy efforts for people with blood cancer and their families. 

Together, our visionaries collectively raised over $4.5 million for blood cancer research and services to support our blood cancer community. Check out our Research Champion Hall of Fame/Hall of Visionaries for a full list of national winners candidates throughout the years.   
Take a moment to read the heroic stories of our young blood cancer community who continue to inspire and motivate our team of VOY candidates during their fundraising campaigns.